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Murders on the Edge

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Murders on the Edge book cover
*** Book 2 in the 'Adventures in World Peace' Series ***

Harley Black and Jim Bond are at it again, this time as coworkers in a tiny New Mexico border town. The town goes crazy at times, and everyone loses their inhibitions. Since the mortuary doubles as the town brothel, and the rate of heart attacks has increased, the funeral director is loaded. It's up to Harley and Jim to find out what's going on.

Book 1: 'Deadly Interpretations'
Book 2: 'Murders on the Edge'

ISBN: 978-1-938350-35-1
Words: 74,462 (approximate)
Pages: 283 (approximate)
Published: November 10, 2015

Copyright © 2006- Andie Alexander
All Rights Reserved.