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Welcome to Fugitive Inn

ISBN: 978-1-938350-30-6
Words: 66,587 (approximate)
Pages: 227 (approximate)
Published: June 29, 2015


Brynn McMurray is awakened to a sea of reporters at her Maine inn in the middle of the night. Her ex-husband is a wanted criminal, and, according to the note left at the scene, he's heading for her inn. However, two of Brynn's current elderly guests think Nazis have invaded and want to shoot one of the reporters—Norman the Naked Newsman. Brynn would rather remove all the guests out of the inn so she can have a peaceful life, alone. But until her ex-husband is caught, she's on a mission to stay sane.

Key Words: mystery, humorous, Maine, older heroine, FBI, lighthouse, inn

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