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Excerpt: Gangs, In-Laws, and Outlaws

Chapter 1

Something made me stare at the computer monitor propped on the hood of my car as I talked to my husband on the phone.

Uh-oh. "Peter. Get someone over here right away. Someone's at the top of the water tower right beside the playground with a shotgun." I watched the guy lift the gun and point. "He's aiming at the kids on the playground! Quick! Get help!"

I waved my hands toward the gym teacher at the North Elementary School in De Pere, where I'd been working on adding cameras for extra security. "Get off the playground! Now! Someone has a—"

The shot rang out and the gym teacher fell. The stunned kids stopped dead in their tracks.

"Run!" I waved my arms again and pointed at the water tower. "He's got a gun!"

The children screamed and ran in all directions, back toward the school. They tried the doors but they were all locked.

"Go to the front of the school!" The kids took off, out of harm's way. The guy seemed to be reloading, so at least we had a little time to be safe.

Once I was sure the kids were gone, I grabbed the laptop off the hood and crawled beside my car, hiding myself.

"Natalie, are you okay?" I heard over the phone. "Natalie! Answer me!"

I put the phone back up to my ear. "I'm fine. I'm hiding beside my car. Now do you see why I need to carry a gun with me?"

"I'm on my way." The line went dead. Great. I'd been abandoned by my wonderful husband.


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