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Dating a Spy Isn't All Fun and Games:

ISBN: 978-1-938350-10-8
Words: 101,565 (approximate)
Pages: 373 (approximate)
Re-published: Feb. 22, 2013 under Andie Alexander

(Originally Published: Aug. 26, 2010 under pen names Andie Alexander and Markee Anderson)

Ex-beauty queen contestant Lauren McDonald is thrust into the spy underworld when her boyfriend's job starts to seep into his personal life, making her the conduit for the transfer of information from one enemy to another. Her life can never be the same again when she agrees to marry Shawn (her boyfriend) and become an agent, just to save her life and the United States. But the odds are against her, and those dreams of a peaceful married life go right out the window when she finds out the true mission of the enemy.

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