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A Time for Secrets

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A Time for Secrets cover
Someone is chasing Amy Watson in the small western Florida community. After running into a handsome man named Mark Dallas at the beach, she realizes he's not all he seems to be, becoming almost like a superhero to her. He has bodyguards from his business—a gaming software company named Madcap—and seems to know all the big shots in town.

When a dead body is found in Amy's apartment, it's time that Mark sets the record straight, leading them on a scavenger hunt around the nation to find out why Amy's being targeted. Could it be because she's collaborated with the NSA to tell them how to do their job, or maybe her ties to the Department of Homeland Security to explain how to find terrorists without racial profiling? Or maybe it's a simple game of cat and mouse, hunting for something long lost. Regardless, Amy and Mark are on the run, to save her life while she holds secrets from the world.

ISBN: 978-1-938350-29-0
Words: 66,336 (approximate)
Pages: 228 (approximate)
Published: September 22, 2016

(Previously published on Aug. 26, 2010 as 'Saved by the Glass Slipper' under Andie Alexander/Markee Anderson. Before that, published under pen name Markee Anderson)

Copyright © 2006- Andie Alexander
All Rights Reserved.